Elevate your world with aerial photography, video, and thermal services from AIR Photography.


Bring your commercial and residential real estate promotions alive with aerial photos, video tours, and HDR photography.


Assess damage on roofs and inspect construction sites (photo and thermal) to serve the needs of roofers, contractors, and insurance providers.


Survey and inspect with High Resolution thermal imagery for industrial structures including factories, warehouses, and cell, water, and radio towers.


Provide aerial video and High Resolution thermal imaging to support first responders during live fires. Conduct enhanced search and rescue efforts in wilderness areas.


Elevate your business marketing with professional video productions. We produce high quality videos that can be used for social media, websites, and broadcast.

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Timothy Harvey
FAA Part 107 Certified

Tim Harvey, the founder of AIR Photography, has decades of experience in photography and has flown drones since 2015. Tim’s portfolio is very diverse. Tim has done over 1,000 commercial roof inspections and worked with over 80 insurance companies, construction companies, several top Real Estate professionals throughout the Colorado region, and volunteers with CAPS (Community Advancing Public Safety). His expertise is widely recognized throughout Colorado.

Why do you need to hire a licensed drone pilot for your aerial photo and video needs?

Liability – Based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, when a person works with an unlicensed drone pilot, they could be fined $11,000 plus up to an additional $2,200 per occurrence. Working with a licensed drone pilot removes the liability of these fines and reduces the risk of something going wrong. The FAA is concerned with safety first and foremost.

Expertise – Licensed drone pilots must pass the same knowledge test that every manned aircraft pilot must pass.  A licensed drone pilot generally has more experience and can get the shots you are looking for and do it safely.

Equipment – You shouldn’t settle for companies that don’t prioritize premium equipment. Image quality can drastically change on a low-end camera. Also, a poor-quality drone can experience problems during flight.  Don’t settle for poor-quality tools because you may end up with poor services. Hire the expert that uses state-of-the-art equipment.

How to check if a drone pilot is licensed?


“I have directly worked with Timothy in the past and I have nothing but good things to say about his work. It is quick, efficient, consistent, and creative. He is always looking to innovate each project differently, which is something I really appreciate.

In my opinion he is the most qualified drone operator in Colorado Springs. I highly recommend his services because of the high attention to detail, professional demeanor, and high efficiency.”

Christopher Guambana

KKTV 11 News Editor

“Tim has done some drone videos for me in real estate. He not only met my expectations, he exceeded them. The footage was fantastic. He also went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied. Thanks Tim, for some great work!”

Steve Graber

Aspire Homes Colorado

“We use AIR Photography for our drone needs and keep coming back for more! Excellent work and superior expertise in the field to drive success! “

Adam Oliver

Olivedia Productions

“Tim could teach a class on drones. Actually, he did, that is where we met. If I ever need a drone guy, Tim is that guy.”
Michael Ice

Ice Inspections

“Tim does great work and every shot looks professional and polished.”
Mark Gradisar

Domus Recolo