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We specialize in drone photography. It doesn’t matter which service you need, we will provide you with pictures and video of the highest quality.  You have our guarantee that we will make sure we have the shots you told us you want.


Our photographers come with a lot of experience who have a creative vision and know how to fly a drone properly. If you want to get perfect shots, just sending a drone up in the air will not cut it. Each aerial photographer is fully licensed and with the experience we have flying our drones with the Colorado Fire Department and contracting with various real estate and insurance agencies, we know how to proceed in different weather conditions and various situations. Because of this experience our results are always stunning.


Our Services

We have affordable services that include, real estate marketing, drone aerial photography and videography. Download our PDF Service Packages at the following links:  



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Search & Rescue

As a volunteer with the Colorado Springs Fire Department, I assist with structure fires and search and rescue.  With my thermal camera, I am also able to locate hot spots and give coordinates to ground crews to locate wild land fires.