Community Services

Using drones for aerial video footage is becoming an important part of many critical community services including search and rescue operations, extinguishing wildfires, earthquake relief, hazardous chemical spills, and public safety efforts, just to name a few. When accidents or natural disasters happen, it can be extremely dangerous to send in first responders, and it can be difficult to fully assess the situation without any video footage. Drones go where it’s too dangerous for humans to go, they cover large areas in a short amount of time, they do thermal imaging for search and rescue, and they provide you with real-time video footage.

It takes skill to operate drones safely and properly, especially during disaster relief efforts when time is of the utmost importance. At AIR Photography our drone operators are licensed and insured, and we are experienced in working in difficult situations. We can provide you with the high-resolution aerial video footage to enhance your search and rescue efforts, and we can be on the scene when it’s too dangerous for first responders.

Thermal imaging search and rescue

Drones enhance thermal imaging search and rescue operations and make them less deadly and more efficient:

  • Fires: When a fire breaks out, whether in the wilderness or in a building, the number one priority is ensuring no lives are lost. By mounting a thermal imaging camera onto a drone and flying over the fire, you’ll quickly be able to see if there are any people in need of rescuing. You’ll also be able to fly much closer to the fire using a drone than you would with manual search and rescue, enhancing your rescue efforts.
  • Tornadoes: Dealing with the aftermath of a tornado can be terrifying, and it can be very difficult to find people trapped in damaged buildings. Using aerial thermal imaging helps you quickly locate people who need help.
  • Lost in the wilderness: Whether it’s a hiker who wandered off trail or a child who accidentally got separated from the group, being lost in the wilderness is a very serious matter. Flying a thermal imaging drone over the area can locate the lost person much more quickly than any search and rescue operations conducted on foot or in a vehicle, especially once the sun sets.

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 It’s becoming increasingly common to use drones for public safety, accident and disaster relief, and other community services. Simply put, drones can do what people cannot: they are extremely effective in searching large areas in a short amount of time, they can access dangerous and difficult-to-reach locations without the risk of injury or death, and they provide critical high resolution thermal imaging scans in real time.

If you’d like to know more about AIR Photography and our aerial video services, please contact us today. Our team is standing by and we look forward to hearing from you.