Construction: Roof Drone Services

When you think about construction, a drone probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But drones are becoming more popular in the construction industry because they’re very useful for certain elements of a project, particularly roof inspections, mapping, thermographic imaging, and 2D/3D modeling. Drones also create a safer working environment by making dangerous or hard-to-reach places easily accessible, so your staff won’t need to waste valuable time or resources figuring out ways to accurately photograph and map these places. 

At AIR Photography we specialize in construction drone services for residential and commercial build sites. Our drone operators are licensed and insured, and we know how to capture your vertical and horizontal projects to deliver the important data your team needs. We’ll provide you with the essential images, mapping, and data to ensure your project is on track. Using a drone optimizes your operations and allows you to manage your resources more efficiently so you can stick to your timeline.

Construction inspections using a drone

Building and inspecting rooftops is difficult. You’re at a disadvantage when it comes to perspective, and sometimes you only become aware of serious issues after it’s too late. It costs time and money to go back and remedy these issues, and it can interfere with your timeline. Drones are great tools for inspecting and monitoring:

  • Roof construction
  • Roof damage
  • Solar panel installation and placement
  • Gutter installation and placement 

Our experienced drone operators know how to capture the necessary imagery to accurately assess your rooftop construction, and we provide you with critical data to monitor and complete your projects.   

Thermal imaging roof scan

Drones are also excellent for conducting thermal imaging roof scans to detect leaks and places where energy loss is occurring or where water penetrates the surface of the roof. Many roof leaks are invisible to the naked eye and can be found by detecting variations in rooftop temperatures. And we can find water in a fraction of the time it would take to conduct these scans manually. This is an extremely valuable service for all stakeholders involved: the builders, the insurance providers, the roofers, and the property owners. 

Our drones can typically capture a thermal imaging roof scan in less than an hour!

Using aerial video in construction

As you can see, aerial video footage and aerial photography can be very useful in the construction industry. Drones give you an instant bird’s eye view, they give you visibility of hard-to-reach places, and they save you time and money while helping you meet important deadlines. 

For more information about our construction drone services please contact us today. Our team is standing by and looking forward to hearing from you.

Roof Inspections Pricing

Aerial Photos Only – $100/building

Aerial Photos and Comprehensive Roof Report – $150/building

Thermal Roof Inspection starts at $500/building. Call for pricing.

3D Modeling Services

Construction Planning

  • Line Measurements
  • Volume Measurements
  • Cut / Fill Measurements
  • Job Bidding
  • Land Management
  • Progress Documentation

Emergency Management

  • Accident Documenting
  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Risk Assessment
  • Disaster Documenting

Damage Assessment

  • Solar Panel Inspections
  • Tower Inspections
  • Agriculture

Call for pricing.