Industrial Thermal Imaging Inspection

Have you considered using drones for your thermal imaging inspections? Drones are an affordable and efficient tool with which to conduct inspections – they save you time and money, they provide you with high res aerial imagery and video footage, they can easily access dangerous and difficult-to-reach places, and they provide you with essential data to deliver quality work and keep your project on track.

At AIR Photography we specialize in industrial thermal imaging inspections using drones and our drone operators are licensed and insured. It takes more than simply owning a drone to know how to conduct a proper thermal imaging inspection, and we have the necessary equipment, skills and knowledge to conduct comprehensive drone inspections that give you the information you need. Gone are the days of costly manual inspections involving multiple pieces of equipment – drones simplify the process and provide you with critical data.

Thermal imaging surveys

We conduct thermal imaging surveys for an array of industries and purposes, including:

  • Rooftop and building inspections: Drones are ideal for leak detection, finding sources of energy inefficiencies, and identifying structural flaws and damage.
  • Electrical inspections: Using a thermal imaging camera and a drone, we can identify faulty connections, monitor overheating spots, and detect any damaged components.
  • Solar field inspections: In a matter of minutes drones can find defective cells and other potential problem areas. 
  • Agriculture: Conducting a thermal imaging survey with a drone can keep track of animals and find any who have wandered off. It can also measure exact temperatures for maximal health of the crops.
  • Road and bridge inspections: Drones make road and bridge inspections much safer, eliminating the need for manual inspections in dangerous places. We can evaluate the overall health of roads and bridges and identify any deterioration that poses safety risks. 

Using drones for high res aerial imagery

As you can see, drones are beneficial for many industrial purposes. In addition to thermal imaging surveys we can also provide you with high res aerial imagery that gives you a complete perspective of your building and property, as well as bird’s eye views that are difficult to access manually. This high res aerial imagery is ideal for rooftop and building inspections, construction projects, and more. Our licensed and insured drone operators know how to get the panoramic photos and video footage that’s essential to your project.  

For more information about how our expert drone operators can help you with thermal imaging inspections, or if you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact us today. Our team is standing by and looking forward to hearing from you.