Real Estate Marketing

When it comes to real estate photography, standing out from the crowd is essential. Potential buyers are scrolling through hundreds and hundreds of listings every day, so you need to grab their attention and showcase your property in the most attractive way possible. At AIR Photography, we are a full service real estate marketing service provider. We provide interior HDR photos and walk-through virtual tour videos. We also specialize in real estate promotion using HD aerial photos and videos that give potential buyers stunning and rarely seen views of your property. By using drones, our photographers and videographers go above and beyond the limits of traditional real estate marketing, and the results attract attention: high-definition panoramic views that are guaranteed to stand out.

Real estate drone photography

Aerial real estate photography gives your listing the wow factor that buyers are looking for. If you’ve flipped through any luxury real estate magazines recently, chances are you’ve seen listings featuring aerial photography. But it takes much more than simply owning a drone to produce beautiful aerial real estate photos. At AIR Photography we are licensed to operate drones and we have the skills and the creativity necessary to capture your property from all the best angles. We offer affordable aerial photography packages starting at just $100, including color correction and speedy turnaround time.  

Real estate aerial marketing

Up until very recently, most real estate video marketing has simply been walk-throughs of residential and commercial properties. But the use of drones allows us to showcase your home in new and exciting ways, including aerial tours of the property and the surrounding neighborhood, and a bird’s eye view of your house which is particularly impactful if you have a swimming pool or live on a large plot of land. Our drone operators know how to create a unique and beautiful perspective that is sure to grab the attention of anyone who sees it. It’s like having your eyes glued to the airplane window during take-off – it’s impossible to look away! Our aerial video packages start at just $350 and include professional editing and royalty-free music. 

Real estate promotion that gets results

The competition is fierce, and your listing needs to have a wow factor that is guaranteed to make it stand out. Snapping some quick photos with your iPhone won’t do your property justice and it certainly won’t grab the attention of potential buyers. Investing in a company that provides quality interior photos and videos as well as aerial marketing is an excellent way to showcase your home and share its beauty with the world. 

Bring your commercial and residential real estate listings to life with aerial photos, video tours, and HDR photography. For more information about our real estate photography and video services please contact us today. Our team is standing by and looking forward to hearing from you.


City Lot Prices (up to 5 acres)

Aerial Photos – $100

HDR Interior Photos – $150

HDR & Aerial Photo Combo – $200, save $50 and most popular! 

Walk-through Video – $400 (Professionally edited to royalty free music)

Aerial Photos & Video- $350 (Professionally edited to royalty free music)

Ultimate Package – $500 (Aerial photos and video, HDR Interior photos, walk-thru video, professionally edited to royalty free music), save $150! 

Land Real Estate Pricing (Land Real Estate)

Aerial Photos – $150

Ground & Aerial Photo Combo – $200, save $50

Aerial Video – $350

Aerial Photo & Video Combo – $400 (Professionally edited to royalty free music) save $100

Ultimate Land Package – $550 (Aerial photos and video, HDR photos, walk-thru video, professionally edited to royalty free music), save $150!


Solar System Appraisal – $50

Professional Voice-over – $75

Photo Slideshow Video – $100

Agent Tour – $100

3D Mapping, call for pricing.